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“Prague” - Blair Davie | Review

Blair Davie's "Prague" is a wanderlust anthem for eternal lovers.

With raw, powerfully emotive vocals and vibrant piano-led production courtesy of Daniel Green (Coldplay), Blair Davie delivers one of their most relatable and spellbinding songs yet with "Prague." The indie singer-songwriter's latest single is an ode to wanderlust and being by your loved one's side no matter where life takes you.

"If I could be anywhere, I'd choose anywhere that's by your side," Blair sings with heart-on-sleeve vulnerability. They paint the beautiful image of a couple who is truly the center of their own world, where the greatest adventure is simply being together. It's a romantic sentiment made all the more poignant by Blair's breathy, soul-baring performance. The track is an ode to wandering and traveling anywhere with the one you love. Blair (they/them) paints this beautiful image of a couple who is truly the center of their own world.

As the 23-year-old Scottish artist explains, "Prague is about the realization that it doesn't matter where you are, anywhere can feel like home." Written during a percipient shift in their songwriting approach - "I wanted to start chasing magic and joy" - the track captures that thrilling sense of spontaneity and being consumed by new love.

With "Prague," Blair has crafted the perfect sun-soaked soundtrack for summer love stories, adventures with friends, and embracing the wandering spirit. It's a transporting, emotionally resonant gem that doesn't just showcase Blair's considerable talents, but celebrates the simple joys that make life worth living.

After making waves with prior singles like "Stairs," "Platform 10," and "Him, Hymn," Blair Davie has solidified themself as one of the UK's most promising rising singer-songwriters. With honesty and raw feeling driving their intensely personal lyrics, "Prague" is a stirring taste of the magic and joy still to come.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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