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‘Love Sync’ - Halle Dot | Review

This song feels like a electro/R&B song dipped in sunsets.

This song is giving me rose gold but in a sound. Halle’s vocals as silky smooth and the track is an intoxicating listen. I feel like there is something very special about these emerging Australian artists. A feel-good listen, this is song is going into our summer listens. Perfect for an ocean view or a seat by the pool.

Love Sync is about the process of falling in love, and the hurdles you have to deal with such as self-doubt, fear, and trust. With the hard-hitting R&B production and fierce soulful vocals, it takes you on a roller coaster like a journey filled with emotion.

"I didn't want to just write about feeling smitten and in love, I wanted to write about the process. Many people struggle with trust issues and find it difficult to let their guard down, no one wants to get hurt. You know, you find someone you think is amazing, but then doubt creeps in because you’re suddenly thinking they must be too good to be true, and when you get past that often you can sometimes doubt yourself because you don't feel good enough or because you may come with too much baggage, and that can lead to self-sabotage. I wanted to tap into the real emotions we go through and show the side where sometimes it's not always just fairytales and butterflies. It actually takes a lot of courage to allow yourself to fall in love." - Halle Dot

With a voice that commands your attention & illustrated lyrics, songstress Halle Dot is an exciting fresh face in the Australian R&B scene. With influences from artists such as Kiana Lede, 6lack, Sabrina Claudio, H.E.R & Ella Mai, her sound can be described as alternative, electronic r&b with a splash of jazz, drizzled in soul. Before dabbling in DJing, learning to produce & studying her bachelor in Audio Engineering, Halle spent 3 years in London honing down on her craft and networking, where she believes the heart of her sound developed. These days you’ll find Halle in her bedroom recording the songs she’s written during what she likes to call ‘a therapy session’. Now, she is gearing up to release her debut single with upcoming live shows to follow.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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