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"Long Way Home" - Tom Boy |Review

“I took it all for granted/Made myself believe/All the space I wanted couldn’t set me free” are the first lines in Tom Boy’s new single, “Long Way Home,” proving their emotional lyricism which pulled me in.

Matching these lyrics is singer Nate Daniels’s equally beautiful and rich vocals that almost seem to soar effortlessly through this song. The simplistic nature of the beat allows for Daniels’s voice to shine and compliment his band mate’s, Dante Berardi Jr. 's, instrumentation. While it may not be the most energetic, summer-type song, it could be perfect for nights of stargazing and socially distancing.

After the falling out of a previous project, CAIRO, involving both Daniels and Berardi Jr., the pair decided they wanted to keep creating. With the help of producer Crispin Day, they started writing songs based on their experiences with drugs, mental illness, affairs, and more. As Daniels said, “We can’t continue to live the lie that our lives are perfect and shiny, fit for role model status. Our careers reflect the choices we have made and it’s about time our songs reflected that as well." This honesty shows in their impressive songwriting and instrumentation, garnering comparisons to The Killers, Børns, and Broods.

Written by Tatum Jenkins

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