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"Light" - Courtney Cole | Review

Accompanied by airy vocals and uplifting lyrics, Courtney Cole’s musical talents immediately shines through with her latest single.

Moving away from the country vibes of her early releases, Cole embraces the indie pop sound on “Light” with ease. Her sincere words are sweet without being too sappy, fitting into a variety of playlists that range from casual drives to wedding receptions.

“Light” is an indietronica track that most people aren’t aware that they need, but will appreciate endlessly. Cole provides a musical experience that is especially refreshing after a long day at the office. There’s no shortage of positive energy coming from Cole’s newest tune.

"Light is one of those songs that feels like it didn’t come from me. I was meditating on the beach one day and all of the sudden, the lyrics dropped into my spirit and I just wrote them down. To be honest, I didn’t even edit them. I just wrote them down in a way that felt like a stream of consciousness type of writing style. I immediately went home, sat a my piano, turned on my voice recorder, and sang the first melody that came out, and it was Light! It felt very divine.. and when those types of creative moments happen, you have to jump on them because they are few and far between! It’s because of that, this song feels very special to me. It’s also recorded in 528hz, as opposed to 440hz. 528hz is an ancient healing frequency used by ancient priests and healers to heal ailments within the body. It’s also known as “The Love Frequency” because of it’s presence throughout all of nature and it’s healing properties! Not only does this song have the potential to heal as music does on an emotional level, but on an energetic level as well!"

Her steady song is truly powerful until the very last second. One listen to “Light” will leave anybody wanting a whole album from this singer-songwriter.

Review by Lauren Peterson

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