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"Let's Just" - Stileto ft Alus and Luke Baker | Review

I think 2021 is the year of incredible post chorus drops. Stileto sends chills down my spine with their new song "Let's Just".

This blend of electro pop, rock, and some hiphop is just fantastic. The way this track ebbs and flows is phenomenal. The bass is spectacular and the back and forth of the vocalists is so dynamic.

Stileto wasted no time in kicking off 2021 in style for us with their latest electrifying single ‘Let’s Just’. With so much anticipation for a better year, we can already say it’s looking promising musically for the creative minds – Robert Bressler and Isaiah Vest – behind the project. Recruiting Alus and Luke Baker to feature on this occasion, the track testifies once again to their great potential. Now on their 3rd single, we start building a well rounded picture of their sonic direction, nailing the electro-pop crossovers on again and transcending us into another dimension with their distinguished drops.

They explain:

“Our objective is to release only the highest quality music and content that we truly believe in”

To that I say, well done.

Inspired by a range of artists from Skrillex, to Panic! At The Disco and Tombaland, it’s clear to see that Stileto’s fresh sound could go everywhere and anywhere in 2021. Keep up with their journey to conquer your ears and listen to ‘Let’s Just’ on Cloudkid now.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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