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“Keep Going On”- Suona |Review

Suona is an Austrian based singer-songwriter. She pretty quickly discovered her love for music and started singing and taking instrument lessons at a very young age. She transforms her feelings and the desire to live a self-determined life into her songs based on 80s dance sounds. With that message, she wants to motivate others to live their passions and listen to their inner voice.

“Keep Going On” gives very “Til’ the World Ends” by Britney Spears vibes in the absolute best way possible. It’s more modern and you can definitely hear the European club influence all over the track. It sounds exactly like something you play once it’s really time to dance.

Impeccable timing to release this as we’ve entered our first spring where COVID restrictions have relented in many places. If this had come out in April 2020, the song would still be exciting and inspire a keep moving forward attitude but would it be as believable? It’s dropping at a time where clubs & bars will need this song when the clock hits a certain hour. It’s early Lady Gaga mixed with late 90s Madonna and is just what a night out needs – optimism and a good beat.

By Amanda Collins

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