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Inner Child - Xondra | Review

“Inner Child” is track four and the last single on Xondra’s new EP “Tedious & Brief '' released on November 4th! In this song Xondra hits us with facts of her childhood and how she had different experiences than her siblings in a toxic home environment.

Anyone with siblings can relate to this because no one ever has the exact same experience or perspective on anything. In this track she is able to heal things that hurt her in the past. “I’m healing my inner child, while you just sit in denial” is such a powerful ending line to the song.

Xondra aka Alexondra O’Connell is a New York-based singer-songwriter. She started writing by sitting in front of a radio for hours listening to songs and writing down lyrics that stood out to her, then she would write her own songs with those lyrics. In her teens she started writing her own songs to process what she was going through.

She blends pop, rock, and R&B while her music explores feminist themes with completely honesty. Her entire EP is about the experience of being a woman trying to survive in a man’s world. “I wrote this for all the people learning to speak up even if their voice trembles

Xondra’s music is so powerful for anyone who has ever been hurt by someone they should never be hurt by. Heartbreakingly beautiful, I strongly recommend listening to her if you’re in need of some self realization of your past “Inner Child” definitely struck a chord in me.

Written by Heather Kathryn

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