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“In Your Head” - Gown | Review

Gown released their first song on February 14. “In Your Head” is a dreamscape alt. song about unrequited love. People can relate to being in love with someone you’ll always want but can never be with. Gown reflects those feelings with lyrics such as these: You’ve given up; don’t fall in love. Just someone in your haunted head.

The lead singer’s voice sounds distant, angelic, and sad. It can keep you up all night and sing you to sleep at the same time - which I don’t recommend because you’ll end up crying in your sleep.

The instrumental and production for “In Your Head” is so cinematic; it’s so immersive that it’s impossible to not envision a music video. For instance, the distorted voices in the background with a soft guitar in the forefront made me envision a TV playing memories of the admirer with the protagonist watching on the couch. Also, the build up between the first and second verses made me think of TV static disconnecting memories in the brain.

I could hear this in YouTube and Spotify playlists titled “You’ve fallen in love with someone you can’t have.” So if you’re looking for a chill song to listen to on Valentine’s Day, this one's for you.

Gown is an American alternative rock band based in the United States. With comparisons to Wallows, my bloody valentine, Day Wave and Slow Pulp, Gown brings an alternative rock and pop sound in the music scene. They released their first single “In Your Head” on February 14, 2024.

Written by Yaba Ahounou

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