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“If You Ever Left Me” - Jules Brave | Review

Honestly, Jules Brave is a rising pop princess, and her new track “If You Ever Left Me” seriously gives me grown-up Elsa from Frozen vibes.

Besides making a track that feels like it is straight out of an ice queen’s palace, Brave is creating a new name for herself as this track is her first as an independent artist. This track perfectly captures the spiral of “what ifs” in an up and down relationship. Her early 2000s-esque pop/r&b sound is unique and a total earworm. I am hooked.

Jules Brave originally thought she would write songs for established pop princesses to sing because she felt she needed to look a certain way or fit into the old, antiquated stereotype of what an artist should be. However, after capturing the attention of prominent figures in the music industry combined with the impassioned encouragement of her friends and growing social media following, she was inspired to release the songs with her voice and message of authenticity.

Now, the 22-year-old pop singer-songwriter from New York City, who you could spot anywhere with her blue beats headphones and Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino in hand, is ready to embrace sharing and performing her music on her own terms. From heart-wrenching ballads about the most severe symptoms of heartbreak to enthusiastic pop-driven earworms, Jules demonstrates the phenomenal ability to express her vision and signature style no matter the genre. Her love of music spans her lifetime -- from listening to John Mayer and Sara Bareilles in the car with her dad on Saturday mornings to becoming close friends with the person who she used to call her idol: singer and vocal coach icon, Natalie Weiss.

Jules has been posting snippets of her original songs on Instagram and TikTok and has received the attention and praise of songwriters and producers she has always looked up to such as J Kash, Jason Evigan, Meghan Trainor, and more. Most importantly, her number one priority is to create a community for her listeners to have fun and escape from the stress of our world today. Jules has been going on Instagram Live regularly during the quarantine to share her creative process under her galaxy light, sing karaoke to musical theatre songs, and engage in meaningful conversations with her listeners-turned-friends

Review by Hannah Schneider

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