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"I'll Love You" - Mear

There is something hauntingly stunning about Mear's new single "I'll Love You".

“I’ll Love You,” tells a make-believe story about a breakup during the apocalypse. The song itself is meant to take on a cinematic feel. Frances Miller was inspired by blockbusters like Armageddon and Titanic. The idea of leaving someone you love behind, the idea of heroes, and the sacrifice that people make for others left a weirdly profound impact on her.

If you have been craving a song that takes you on a journey this is it. starting slow and eerie and building to major rock chords, this seven-minute song captures your ears and heart the whole way through. Mear has the ability to cross genre lines through the course of one track. The storyline is impeccable. The intensity of emotion is crystal clear. What a track.

“We wanted this song to take listeners on an emotional journey,” said Harrison. “The song has three distinct sections which could be best interpreted as Anticipation, Storm/Conflict, Loss/ Mourning. We also wanted to leave space for the music to tell a story when the lyrics are absent, which allowed us to emphasize the moods of these sections.”

Out today, "Soft Chains" is their debut EP. Soft Chains was self-produced and recorded in Greg’s home studio in Toronto and was a result of the band being able to experiment and explore their sound over the years. There is a prominent theme of personal struggle and growth with mental health. Mear’s shared experiences allowed them to pour everything they had to offer into these songs.

Mear is an indie-pop collaboration between singer-songwriter Frances Miller and electronic composer Greg Harrison. Together, their music combines catchy melodies and poignant lyrics with their shared love of experimental music.

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