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“I Like You, but I Love Her” - KiD RAiN | Review

Some of you may know the artist The Kid LAROI, but have you heard of KiD RAiN?

Like LAROI, KiD RAin ranges in the electric pop genre, but with a subtle hint of hip-hop. His recent release, “I Like You, but I Love Her” has exactly that.

Kid RAin mixes artists like Charlie Puth, Yungblood, and Felly to create a unique pop voice.

The song captures young love, while at the same time involving some risk…

Like most love songs, right?

Directly after the chorus, you can hear a little guitar riff that almost sounds like a slide from a Jack Johnson song. It brings in a sense of innocence to the song.

The song brings me back to high school days, at the end of a party where girlfriends tended to not be your girlfriend after all (catch my drift).

KiD RAin is flat-out brutally honest in the song. He stated; I’ve never been more scared, but excited to release a song in my life; I hope people love it as much as I do, and I hope my ex-girlfriend doesn’t murder me for releasing it.

KiD RAin and others would agree that being honest with someone can become something beautiful. The music video was shot in Rome during Italy’s country-wide lockdown. The emptiness captures the breath-taking shots of the city while adding a sense of that beauty.

From his humble beginnings in Yorkshire, KiD RAin has become a rising star in Britain. His popularity is now moving west. Earlier this year his viral TickTock duet with JC Stewart received over 1.5 million views and was named BBC’s Introducing Record of the Week.

Despite jumping on the music scene at the beginning of 2020, KiD RAin has become very successful in a short period of time and only good things seem to be welcoming him in 2021.

Written by Quincy Williamson

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