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I don't think you can handle this: ‘Handle Me’ - ANIIML | Review

Handle Me" is the new anthem from LA-based electro/pop artist ANIIML. The video is fun and interactive and invites its viewers to contact anyone in the video, with the hopes that it might help them find their match. The song addresses a struggle so many are confronted within this age of technology and isolation. On a planet surpassing 7.7 BILLION people, it is astonishing that so many of us struggle to find our partners.

This song and video just made me smile and almost laugh! In the era of modern media and online dating, it seems we could find a significant other pretty easily if the old fashion face-to-face introductions aren’t your speed. This video honestly replaces all dating apps! Who wouldn’t want to be in a fun, sassy, aesthetically colored, music video that could help them find love? A really great vision and very clever execution.

Whether her music has slipped into your consciousness behind hit TV shows including Fox’s Lucifer, The Royals, Wentworth, VICE, BULL, So You Think You Can Dance, Mustangs FC, the trailer for VICELANDS’ World of Sports, the trailer for Black Market, Slutiver, Beerland, Reed Krakoff adds, or from her visually stunning live multi-media concerts, ANIIML’s message is strong, her voice is quirkily recognizable, and her passion is contagious. This Canadian born, LA-based singer, songwriter, producer, film-maker, and activist isn’t afraid to walk the edge in sound and insight.

ANIIML has warmed the stage for acts such as MOBY, Emily Wells, Raury, Dreamcar, and Waka Flocka Flame, among others. The live show is a multimedia experience which incorporates elements of performance art, dance, and theatre, featuring the three drummer band; Daniel Burdman on the electronic drums/guitar, Ryan Fyeff on the acoustic drums, and Lila Rose as their fierce, hypnotically “possessed” front person and third drummer.

ANIIML radiates goose-bumps of 'whoa!!!', entrancing listening audiences with liberating primal “witch-pop” and fierce gothic-r&b infused cinematic arrangements; weaving looming electronic soundscapes with thunderously booming layered drums. An intoxicating symphonic message straight to the open-hearted, moving audiences to tears with a distinctive juxtaposition of guttural and whimsical vocals; battle cries of a big-hearted lover-of-all-life.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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