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HUMM- “who’s this girl” | Review

This is for all you groovy people in need of a pop-rock love song. Who’s this girl by HUMM embraces the exciting journey of love at first sight.

With a mysterious tone filled with love and fear of the unknown, the song precisely describes the feeling of butterflies you get. And with these mixed feelings about a total stranger, the pre-chorus really sets the tone, “I wanna get caught up, I wanna fall in love, but I’m like… ‘who’s this girl?’” A little quirk that really puts the listeners in the singer’s shoes is the female background vocals that echo before the second verse. This gives it the mirage effect, and it makes you wonder… is she real? As I mentioned the low tone previously, HUMM’s voice bursts in the chorus with a fiery passion, much like getting to know someone new. Who’s this girl has a message to not lose yourself into loving someone, but we will lose ourselves in this song.

HUMM is an acronym for “hope u miss me” and was created by lead singer Jules Tursini and multi-instrumentalist Todd Vought. The duo has worked very closely with Grammy nominated producer Mark Needham and Grammy winner Howie Weinberg. HUMM has been under Needham’s wing for 3 years creating unique nostalgic music from the 80s. With a new musical twist into the modern music scene, HUMM combines life experiences and a fresh sound to connect with the audience on a deeper and more meaningful level.

Written by Lia Tsvetanova

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