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“Heaven Lights” - JohnT | Review

‘Heaven Lights’ is an electronic track to wrap up your year.

The track from the french producer has an engaging build. I love that this song doesn’t have a super bass-heavy drop, it stays a bit lighter and more in the pop realm rather than EDM. The lyrics are soft and are a lovely layer over the production. If you like the concepts of RKCB you will enjoy JohnT’s twist on the electro-pop genre.

I need you through the night


I'll beat your darker side


I'm with you no matter what will cross our path


Come back

'cause you

Will get the wonders and all the miracles you deserve

Baby you

Will see the world and understand why i'm in love

Who am i

Heaven lights

But its worth the fight

You will find the answers you've been asking for

Who am I

They will treat you like a king, a lord of the heaven lights

Who am I

Heaven lights


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Review by Hannah Schneider

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