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Heather Kathryn delivers an electrifying performance in her new single “MY TRAGIC LIFE

Unheard Gems proudly presents Heather Kathryn's powerful new single, "MY TRAGIC LIFE," a bold anthem that speaks to the experiences of women both inside and outside of the music industry. With influences ranging from Miley Cyrus to Paramore, Heather Kathryn's dynamic sound and poignant lyrics make her a standout artist in the pop punk genre.

"MY TRAGIC LIFE" is the first single from Heather Kathryn's upcoming EP of the same name, set to release this summer.  "MY TRAGIC LIFE" is a raw and unapologetic exploration of the challenges faced by women pursuing their passion in a male-dominated industry. Heather Kathryn's distinctive voice and electrifying performance shine through as she channels her frustrations and experiences into an anthemic chorus that demands to be heard.

With its catchy melodies, hard-hitting instrumentation, and thought-provoking lyrics, "MY TRAGIC LIFE" is sure to captivate listeners and leave a lasting impression - it is a rallying cry for women everywhere to embrace their truth and defy expectations. Heather Kathryn's bold and unapologetic approach to music sets her apart as an artist to watch in the pop punk scene.

From its inception on her best friend's couch to its release a year later, Heather Kathryn explains her process in creating the song. "I wrote this song with my best friend, and it started as a humorous take on the struggles I face as a woman in the music industry. But as we delved deeper, it became a cathartic expression of the frustrations and obstacles I've encountered."

“It's about reclaiming our voices and refusing to be silenced”

During the recording process, Heather Kathryn found joy in channeling her emotions into every lyric and melody, from late-night sessions in her apartment to hours spent in different studios perfecting the instrumentation. The song's mood is characterized by a blend of anger and angst, making it a cathartic release for listeners who resonate with its message. Whether it's a bad day or a good day, "MY TRAGIC LIFE" is meant to be screamed out in the car or blasted through headphones as a reminder that it's okay to feel frustrated and to demand recognition.

One standout lyric from the song's second verse encapsulates Heather Kathryn's frustration with gender stereotypes and societal expectations: "By now I thought I’d be a rockstar / They told me that was only for men / Being a woman has kinda held me back / Guess I’m only going places cause I’ve got a nice rack." These words resonate deeply with Heather Kathryn, reflecting her personal experiences and serving as a defiant declaration of her worth as a woman in the music industry.

Meet Heather Kathryn:

Heather Kathryn turns the truth into lyrics about love, loss and everything in between. 

Born in the suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona, Heather found herself wanting a more creative outlet than her peers. Music became her escape and with a glint in her eye she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career in music. 

Heather strives to bring Pop-Punk back to the surface of the music industry. A blend between Paramore, Avril Lavigne and early Kelly Clarkson, she sings of her dating mishaps and the general fast paced life of an early 20-something in Los Angeles. 

With many shows under her belt at venues around Los Angeles such as The Viper Room, El Cid, Whisky-a-go-go & The Troubadour Heather Kathryn is on the path to making her dreams a reality. Keep your eyes on Heather Kathryn, she’s breaking into the industry with everything she’s got!


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Press release from Hannah Schneider of Unheard Gems

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