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"Girlfriend" - LUX |Review

UK based duo LUX is back with a banger in “Girlfriend.”

A little bit pop, a little bit funk, this track makes me want to get up and dance and, especially during these wild and depressing pandemic times, anything that makes me feel good and want to get out of bed in the morning is a welcome distraction. A cool beat, funky synthesizers, and a sick electric guitar, combined with catchy lyrics and a strong vocal delivery make this a track I want to play for all my friends, knowing it's going to provide the much needed shot of serotonin we're all chasing these days.

“The track was recorded out of our homes during the first lockdown in the UK last April- essentially I wrote the track as a way of escapism of the mundanity that came with being stuck inside. I wanted to imagine as if I was at a house party of sorts without actually being able to go to one haha- I pictured this kind of setting while writing the track, ultimately giving it the vibe it has.”

Let’s hope there are more house parties on the horizon one of these days, and at them-this track will be playing.

Written by Sydne Broady

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