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"Ghost" - Zachary Knowles | Review

Zachary Knowles’s new single “Ghost” is an addictive new pop tune.

Knowles’s smooth, clear vocals layer over the simple instrumental that accompanies the emotion of this song. I love the purposeful vocal layering that occurs at specific moments in the song; it adds to the appeal of the electronic pop elements of this single.

Despite it’s cool presentation, this song is chock-full of emotional lyrics such as “You used to be my every day/Now it’s hard to function” as well as other lyrics that perfectly describe the heartbreak that comes with someone ignoring you. “Ghost” will be an instant add to my rainy day playlist as it holds the slow, sad tone that’s perfect for those kinds of gloomy days.

Knowles is already making a name for himself in the pop world as he’s signed to FADER (Clairo, Matt & Kim) and opened for Alec Benjamin. He was introduced to the world of music when his parents bought him a light-up keyboard in first grade and then, in seventh grade, performed “Jar of Hearts” by Christina Perri at his school’s talent show. In high school, he began to make his own music and published it on Soundcloud, where he garnered thousands of streams. In his freshman year of college, he released his first EP.

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