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"Fresh" - Clinton John | Review

For lovers of all things pop, "Fresh" is the freshest new single to bless your ears.

Clinton John is really establishing his authentic pop sound with his newest single. His lyrics feel easy and conversational and are so specific to the feeling of finding new love.

Infectious melodies are woven into the fabric of the rich and driving production from producer, Robyn Dell’Unto and co-writer Kat Saul. Nostalgic, modern, and heartbreakingly uplifting, “Fresh” is a year-long summer anthem.

At the center of Nashville’s LGBTQ+ creative community, Clinton John is relentlessly himself. As both a boundary pushing visual artist and a genre-breaking pop act, he has been honing his fresh and unique sound for the last several years, collaborating with writers and producers to develop a sound that stands out amongst the crowd.

With hyper vulnerable lyrics coupled with captivating pop soundscapes, Clinton John’s brand has been turning heads since his debut single “Honest” at the top of 2020, landing him a spot in Lee Jean Company’s “Artists at Home” Campaign and Live Stream Showcase. From larger scale media coverage on sites like PopMusik to local press support on No Country For New Nashville and Young Music City, he is quickly cutting through to the top of Nashville’s competitive pop landscape, making a name for himself as a powerful gay voice.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic affecting many aspects of the entertainment industry, Clinton John has adapted and dedicated himself to consistently release new content. Teaming up with Nashville heavy hitter Stasney Mav for his third release of the year, “Solo” is a brash dance hit in the vain of Charli XCX and Kim Petras. The anthemic track, boasting free love while breaking down traditional relationship norms was first premiered when the pair took the Main Stage of Nashville Pride Festival 2019. Furthering the goal of elevating his music with visual counterparts, the “Solo” music video was released in May of 2020 with iconic pop scenery and a tasteful nod to Shania Twain’s Don’t Impress Me Much wardrobe.

Drawing influence from modern acts like Troye Sivan and Kim Petras, the independent artist has managed to break out of the conventional standard of music, performance, and fashion, without compromising the accessibility of his work. Reminiscent of 90’s boy bands in in conjunction with the sentimentality of early 2000’s singer songwriters, Clinton John’s sound, brand, and artistry is a modern take on the pop he was raised on.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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