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"For You" - CrySpy | Review

We all need to have that person we can talk to unfiltered. CrySpy's newest single "For You" is a song about making the space to be receptive to hearing someone's story.

It takes skill to be a good listener and friend and reflect back what you are being told. There is something very mature to "For You". "Tell me what you need to" this line is honestly one of the most powerful that I have heard in a while. It is a song about the end of a relationship. It is hard to find that closure so sometimes it is best to make the space to just say what you need to, get it off your chest, and have a clean break. Not what if I had said "blank". The song is about the feelings relived and how that one person might never get the message. Vibey guitar riffs combined with these bittersweet vocals make a perfect soundtrack to chill out to in the sun.

The bittersweet beauty of listening as things come to their end.

Born in Styria and based out of Vienna, Austria comes the musician known as "CrySpy", whose real name is Felix Trummer. He is an artist that is currently implementing hip hop, R&B, and Indie styles into his music.

His background reveals that the artist started playing the piano at the age of 4, and started classical singing at the age of 8 years. He was raised around music as a child and had the opportunity to experience many genres at that time. He went on to attend a high school that maintained a large focus on music, in particular. He went on to complete school and graduate at the age of 19.

The musician then went on to work with refugees for approximately one year, providing them with food, transportation, and companionship. During that time, the artist experimented with various forms of music, software, and equipment. He soon recognized his true identity, as it was not in classical music. He released his first EP and from there on improved his production skills along with his vocals, experimenting with various forms of music. After this, the artist moved to Vienna and pursued music heavily as his passion.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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