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'Foolish to Try' - Mike Baretz | Review

The dreamy atmosphere of Mike Baretz’s new single “Foolish to Try” feels a little like the moment right before you take a nap. The gentle synth and easy guitar riffs lull together with the beat to create an ethereal, almost dream-like atmosphere. The vocals are tranquil but clear; Baretz’s voice comes through as though narrating a train of thought.

Lyrically, the song captures a universally relatable feeling: self-doubt. He describes the mindset of insecurity that most people face when considering whether or not to put themselves out there. The atmospheric mood of the song reflects the way we contemplate ourselves; how certain thoughts cycle through over and over again, and how negative self-perception can appear as part of our normal stream of consciousness.

Fans of Bruno Major, Mac Ayres Daniel Caesar, Tom Misch, Khalid, and John Mayer would like Baretz. His blend of Neo-Soul, Contemporary R&B, Bedroom, and Lo-fi pop is vibey and something that fans can get into for a calm night in.

Mike Baretz is a singer, songwriter and producer who blends r&b/groove-infused production, pop-conscious melodies, and high-level musicianship that emanates through his versatile catalog.

Written by Hannah Fowler and Hannah Schneider

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