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“FOMO” - TOLEDO | Review

“FOMO” by TOLEDO is an indie rock song that I can imagine playing at the beginning of an iconic movie as the main character drives down Pacific Coast Hwy, as he finally learns to appreciate the small details of nature.

The song starts off with a smooth guitar beat, driven forward by drums. The production on this song is dreamy, like you’re listening to it inside a thick, fluffy cloud. There’s a great moment in the middle where the vocals are muffled and the bass shines through that I love. “FOMO” was written and recorded all during lockdown so its message is very relevant. In this song, TOLEDO aimed to explore the mental ups and downs of quarantine and give voice to a genuine desire to be more present in life.

TOLEDO is a Brooklyn surf pop duo consisting of Daniel Álvarez de Toledo and Jordan Dunn-Pilz. These lifelong friends and writing partners are known for their dynamic 5-piece live performances. Their 2019 debut EP, “ Hot Stuff,” reached over 1.8 million Spotify streams. They joke that their quarantine together consisted of daily morning yoga via Youtube and Buffy the Vampire Slayer reruns. All jokes aside, they were able to create something really incredible out of that chaotic fun.

Written by Annika Johnson, edited by Hannah Schneider

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