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“Drink Slowly” - Glou-Glou | Review

“Drink Slowly” is the newest single from indietronica artist Glou-Glou. If you are the kind of person (like myself) who enjoys a good lofi playlist in the background while you work but don’t want to screw up your end of year Wrapped playlist with a bunch of instrumentals - give a chilled Indietronica track a try - be the cool friend this year.

This track shimmers. From dynamic floating vocals and a smooth float and crack type beat this song will give you the best chills. Everything about this song is silky smooth and perfect for a moonlit evening with a warm glow from a fire and a glass of wine.

Glou-Glou is the solo project of Cam Hovsepian, a multi-instrumentalist, producer, and winemaker. You may recognize Cam from his previous project, mAsis. With over 10M streams on Spotify, he garnered acclaim from KCRW, The BBC, The Fader, and Nylon, with Nylon stating his vocals possessed “the allure of sinister, shimmering melancholy.”

Now, Cam is back with his new project, Glou-Glou, a play on the French wine-term for “glug glugging” your drink. And after picking up where his grandfather left off, Glou-Glou is making tunes that are smooth as his natural wines. He credits Bill Withers, Sade, Charlotte Day Wilson, and Paul McCartney as being his biggest musical influences for this project and we are ever grateful for that.

Review from Hannah Schneider

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