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"Down" - Cenzina |Review

Something about this song struck a chord in me within the first 10 seconds of listening.

Stunning vocals, beautiful chilled out production, cleverly delivered lyrics. This song by Cenzina has it all. There is this interesting poetic symmetry in the lyrics and the jazzy trap beat sets this R&B track apart.

Singer/ Songwriter Cenzina transcends the boundaries of genre in the Vancouver music scene curating her unique sound from a wide range of musical influences from Classic and Alternative Rock to HIP HOP, NeoSoul and RnB. Raised in Mississauga, Ontario, Cenzina was classically trained on the piano from a young age, taking to vocals and the guitar as she evolved into her musicianship later in life. Her upcoming Single Down is an easy listening smoke and chill song with smooth R&B vocals on a jazzy trap beat.

Review - Hannah Schneider

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