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‘DIRT’ - Zoe Ko | Review

Updated: Mar 21

Zoe Ko's latest track, "DIRT," is a gritty and infectious pop rock anthem that channels the rebellious spirit of youth with a cheeky twist. Drawing comparisons to the likes of Olivia Rodrigo, Zoe infuses the genre with her flirtatious charm and fierce energy, creating a sound that resonates with authenticity and empowerment.

Raised in the vibrant streets of New York City, Zoe's music reflects her urban upbringing, blending elements of pop rock with a raw, unapologetic attitude. With "DIRT," she takes listeners on a journey through the grit and rawness of city life, offering a refreshing perspective on the female experience.

Driven by electric guitar riffs and Zoe's bold, powerful vocals, "DIRT" exudes high energy from start to finish. The track's grimey and infectious feel draws listeners in, evoking comparisons to the raw, rebellious energy of bands like Wet Leg and Maneskin.

In her own words, Zoe explains the inspiration behind "DIRT," reflecting on her move to Los Angeles and her longing for the gritty authenticity of her hometown. Through clever lyrics and pulsating rhythms, she captures the contrast between the rawness of New York City and the superficiality she encountered in LA.

“When I moved to LA I missed all the grit and dirt NYC had. I missed its rawness and the people in it. Though this is an exaggeration, I found myself surrounded by more girlies in lulu lemon outfits and drinking Hailey Beiber smoothies in their snazzy cars than ever before. There was a fakeness and showiness to this city that I wasn’t used to.”

Zoe Ko is the cheeky rockstar this generation’s been craving. Combining her flirtatious charm with her fierce energy and commitment to highlighting the female experience, Zoe’s music resonates with today’s craving for authenticity and empowerment. Raised in New York City, you can tell Zoe is the ultimate city girl by her thrifted style and confident attitude. Driven by electric guitar and powerful, bold vocals, Zoe’s music resonates with the spirit of a new era while paying homage to the iconic sounds of the past. At only 23 years old, you’ve only seen the beginning of Zoe Ko.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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