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"December 26" - Micah Edwards | Review

For our Christmas music lovers and haters, something is so simply beautiful and original about Micah Edward's "December 26".

Call me a Scrooge but I am not wild for holiday music but something about this track caught my ear. It is not overly Christmas-y with over the top bells and choral singers, the more pop spin on a Buble track is how I would describe it. "December 26" is the perfect holiday song to go into what will more than likely be a stressful Christmas after a stressful year. A fitting holiday song for 2020, “December 26” hones in on that day-after-Christmas feeling and finding a way to carry on the festive cheer once the big holiday has passed.

From Micah: I notice how people tend to get stressed out in December; whether it be from overspending on gifts, office work parties, or just an overload of social events. “December 26” is all about cutting out the superfluous customs that really add on a lot of unneeded stress during the holidays. I urge my listeners to get back to basics, remember what's important, and relax this December.

Singer-songwriter Micah Edwards aims to blend modern techniques with classic sounds in the music he creates - often infusing nostalgic elements into modern sounds and melding pop and blues with retro-soul and contemporary R&B.

Often described as a “John Mayer meets Leon Bridges” type, Edwards has enjoyed a successful debut as an artist over the last year and hopes to continue the path of connecting with listeners through music that touches hearts and helps people feel good. Having gained nearly 80k monthly listeners on Spotify, and editorial support from Spotify’s Nu-Blue, Summer Party, Fresh Finds, and Fresh Finds: Pop playlists, the Houston native is generating plenty of buzz and rapidly building a loyal fanbase.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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