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What’s better than one song? Two songs in one! ÒLAH BLISS is giving us just that in their new single “Death Wish (Hate Me)”, a two part song that covers two different topics in just under five and a half minutes. “Death Wish (Hate Me)” is divided into two parts: Part A which is “Death Wish” and Part B which is “Hate Me”.

Part A of the song (“Death Wish”) is a form of reflection and self-analysis for the artist. The artist is questioning whether or not their life as a child and teen has any impact on them now, specifically the partners they chose then and now. Lines like “Maybe it’s my childhood/maybe that’s where I messed up”, really hit home the meaning of this song.

Part B of the song (“Hate Me”) is a redirection of emotions that the artist has felt in the past. They are using this song as an emotional release so to speak and taking all the love and attention they have given others and are putting it back into their life. “Love is not enough for me anymore” the artist sings, as if to say that they need other things in their life now such as self-respect, confidence, and happiness.

In “Death Wish”, the artist says “So many mistakes now I can’t even trust my gut”; this line hit me really hard when I first heard this song. I think we all blame ourselves for mistakes we’ve made in the past, especially in our childhood and teenage years and we question if these mistakes make us who we are today in a negative way. We should be using these mistakes to guide us in a positive way, even though that’s hard to do and the artist recognizes this by saying they’ve made so many mistakes they can’t trust their own decisions anymore.

My favorite line from this piece as a whole comes from Part B, “Hate Me”. “Like the flower in your room/You forgot to water me”, I think this line speaks volumes but is so simple. The singer is saying they feel forgotten by those around them. The love, respect, time, and energy they deserved from the people they surround themselves with was not being given to them thus making them forgotten like a flower left in someone’s room.

I love “Death Wish (Hate Me)” for so many reasons, mainly because I think it is a piece that everyone can relate to in so many ways. We all look back at our past mistakes and regret them, and we all want to be treated well by others but especially by ourselves. I also think this is a beautifully written song, it’s not easy to write two songs that go together so well and release them as one song, but ÒLAH BLISS managed to do it and do a great job doing it. Overall, I think “Death Wish (Hate Me)” has a little something for everyone in it. There’s a more sad and dramatized song in “Death Wish” and an empowering song in “Hate Me”.

Review Done By Casper Barbour

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