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“Dangerous Expectations” - The Uneasy | Review

If you wanted a song that packs a punch right out the gate, look no further than The Uneasy’s new release “Dangerous Expectations”. It is ​​a track that dares you not to headbang and get a little feisty.

I love the grungy guitar throughout the track, it drives this alt-rock track forward until the drums really kick in for an absolute powerhouse of a chorus. The vocal control here is also excellent - she has control across her whole vocal range. I am in awe of the storytelling both in the presentation of the lyrics and instrumentation. A true presentation of the tension between good and evil and the risk associated with high reward or loosing everything.

“Dangerous Expectations” is a slithering and gritty hell of a rock single that is ultimately about original sin and lust for the unknown. Lead singer and songwriter Emily Jean yearns and howls at the desire to experience something new - even if it will lead to death and destruction. With a fuzzed out bass line and booming drums, “Dangerous Expectations” is bringing pulse-pounding anthems back into the world.

The Uneasy is a dynamic rock band hailing from the shores of New Jersey. The band features the fierce and soulful vocals of lead singer and songwriter, Emily Jean, along with the driving rhythms of Kevin Grewen on bass, Max Yassky on drums, Travis Smith on rhythm guitar, and Johnny V's searing lead guitar.

Blending classic rock influences with modern sensibilities, The Uneasy creates a sound that's both nostalgic and fresh. Their music touches on the themes of addiction and love, as Emily Jean's emotive lyrics and powerhouse vocals explore the highs and lows of relationships and the struggle to overcome addiction.

Johnny V's scorching guitar solos and Max Yassky's thunderous drumming provide the perfect backdrop for Emily Jean's commanding stage presence and heartfelt lyrics. Whether they're playing in front of a small club audience or a festival crowd, The Uneasy never fails to captivate and inspire.

With a lineup of musicians who are all at the top of their game, The Uneasy is poised for greatness. Keep an ear out for this rising rock band—their music will leave you feeling anything but uneasy.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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