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Daffodil Floors - Mandi Mapes | Review

This song, Daffodil Floors, is an absolute masterpiece.

You think it’s going to be a piano vocal ballad and then you’re pleasantly surprised by all of the amazing additions like a violin in the second half of the chorus followed by a guitar in the second verse when the drums kick in, pretty sure there’s a cello in there too!

Listening to this song brings me peace and serenity. I want to make snow angels on daffodil floors with Mandi. Her vocals are stunning and her lyrics are gorgeous.

Some of the lyrics that stuck with me are “Hey, it’s me / I went to the ends of the earth, so afraid of getting life wrong / Find me where the lily grows wild / I’ll be running free as a child / making snow angels on daffodil floors / Finally I’m healing all the jaded parts of me that faded.”

I cannot wait for more music from Mandi “Daffodil Floors” is so beautiful and I want more!

Written by Heather Kathryn

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