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"Cool Kid" - Austin Carr |Review

“Cool Kid” is an indie folk track with a light-hearted sound, and lyrics that are anything but.

The introductory whistle is an attention grabbing hook that gives way to soft acoustic guitar and beautiful vocals to create that classic folk sound. Upon listening to the lyrics, it becomes evident that the content of this song is a bit heavier than initially expected. Austin Carr sings about pretending to be someone you’re not for the sake of impressing other people. He reflects on the innocence of his youth, seemingly wishing he could go back. “And I try to be your cool kid / and wear that skin around” is the line that kicks off the chorus, and it really hits home. Hiding your true self just to fit in is not a good feeling, and Carr captures that perfectly.

Austin Carr is an LA-based singer-songwriter who has effortlessly blended indie and pop, with several of his tracks centered around queer relationships. His debut EP “Imaginary Boy” was released in 2020, and he has been sporadically releasing singles ever since. We know we’ll be looking forward to the next one, and we hope you will too!

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