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“Color Fields”-- Only Love |Review

Color Fields takes on an ambitious project in a new synth pop track, Only Love. The track has a very smooth and distinctly electronic sound. The sound quality and melodic lines are almost rounded, reminiscent of raindrops. The piece is poppy and catchy, uniformly in a major key. I was repeatedly struck by how melodic and smooth this track was, as well as its stylistic consistency. At times, it feels like the sound is traveling around, which makes for an engaging auditory experience. The electronic background contrasts nicely with the vocals.

The vocals in question have a clear R&B and soul influence. They become more growly in the lower octaves, though in a subtle way. The vocals are a little whispery, which gives a human element in contrast to the more synthesized backdrop. Though breathy at times, certain sections have more power/impact behind them, such as “it’s a hell of a climb…” The vocals have a nice balance with the background in this section, but are also raw and natural sounding.

The track is paced nicely. The audio fades in and out well and there’s a natural build to the chorus. At the chorus there is a percussive element that sounds synthesized, but resembling a drum solo. It’s probably my favorite part of the track, up there with the vocals in the bridge. I’d love to see more elements breaking up the consistency of future tracks.

The bridge section also shines, as it meshes super well with the backdrop. Turns to snapping and then a quieter vocal style. Background vocals work well in this section especially. This is really nice, and it feels like a spot where the vocals are used well and shine through. Interesting ending, drops away, which is a little abrupt but effective. The blending and mixing of electronic elements is great.

Color Field’s Indie style reminds me of flor and HUNNY, in the vein of indie pop with an electronic bend. The style is a blend of indie pop, with R&B inspired vocals and electronic backing. This is an ambitious and interesting combo and it works well. It feels as though they’re trying to mimic the traditional indie pop style but integrate this other element. The key feature that makes this track good is what separates them from this “sound” -- which is the distinctive combo of the vocals and electronic backing. As the artists in the group are from different musical backgrounds, this track definitely has a unique vibe. I think it’s possible to emphasize this uniqueness and still be successful. It’s not necessary to conform to mainstream indie pop expectations

The sections where the vocals shine or when the background does are especially great. I’d be interested to see how these distinctive vocals work with a slower piece. The intersection of R&B and electronic is really stylistically interesting and beautiful.

Written by Fiona

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