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Cloud House- “Don’t Wanna Talk” |Review

Cloud House delivers a fast-paced, upbeat, and energetic track called Don’t Wanna Talk.

The story revolves around the lead singer, Conor, and his tough childhood taking care of his terminally ill mother. As danceable as the song is, the lyrics are heart wrenching for anyone going through the same experience. Conor explains that he always felt like he had the weight of the world on his shoulder because it was just him and his mom against the world. “I used to put on a brave face for her but deep down it was a struggle for me. I wanted to be a kid. I wanted her to get better.” In the opening lyric of Don’t Wanna Talk, Conor sings, “I used to ride the train at night, way past my stop and pray for morning” nodding at the fact that he didn’t want to go home yet. This indie rock/pop song has captivated us from instrumentals to lyrics, especially with how personal Don’t Wanna Talk is.

Cloud House from Glasgow, Scotland, consist of band members Conor, Patrick, Jack, Calum, and Morgan. The themes of their music cover grief, personal growth, hope, resilience, and more. Since forming in 2019, Cloud House has performed across the country with singles and songs from their 2021 EP “Days Changed.” Their upcoming EP “Still Here” expected November 1st, is a style shift from their last EP, marking a new wave for the band. As winners of the international Rootstock Festival and being selected as the one to watch by The Weekender, Cloud House will only rise from here.

Written by Lia Tsvetanova

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