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“Close to You" - Outer Shapes |Review

“Close to You” is a dreamy, muffled track that will remind you of a summer night. Opening with a sample of a voicemail to get your attention, it transitions into light female vocals and a catchy beat.

However, after the intro, it takes an interesting turn, and the pace picks up. This track will make you want to bop your head and sway. It’s an interesting blend of several different kinds of sounds, yet could act as a poster child for the classic indie track.

Outer Shapes is composed of Laura Shkouratoff and C Santos, who have been writing and producing all of their own music since the start of the pandemic. Since then, they have made it their mission to learn everything possible about the process from start to finish. They collectively play four instruments and use this to bring as much energy as possible to their live shows. Their upcoming EP "Senses" features “Close to You”, and it’s definitely one to check out!

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