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“Choose The Pace” - Avara | Review

Avara’s newest single “choose the pace” is a seductive invitation into her sonic world.

Avara's "Choose the Pace" is a sultry slow-burn of a track that serves as the standout single from her debut EP, "been some time." With its seductive beat and flirtatious lyrics, this indie R&B gem is an irresistible invitation to a lover, drawing listeners into a captivating experience.

Avara's smooth vocals envelop the listener and perfectly complemented by the song's infectious rhythm. "Choose the Pace" is a masterclass in understated sophistication. Avara's own instrumental and vocal production skills shine through, crafting a soundscape that is both intimate and atmospheric. The track's hypnotic beat and atmospheric textures provide the perfect canvas for her alluring lyrics to truly shine. Avara's poetic wordplay is both seductive and empowering, showcasing her ability to tackle themes of love and desire with a refreshing honesty.

As an Indian-American R&B/soul artist and producer from Atlanta, now based in Los Angeles, Avara's unique perspective on the world is woven into the fabric of her music. "Choose the Pace" is a testament to her ability to seamlessly integrate her diverse influences, creating a sound that is both familiar and innovative.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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