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Cate Tomlinson releases summer girl crush anthem "so cool so mean"

“so cool so mean” is a sonic evolution for Tomlinson and captures the early chase of a complicated crush making it the song of the summer.

The final track off Cate’s new EP, so cool so mean is a sultry pop-rock track. A bit of a departure from Cate’s recent ballads, so cool so mean, is upbeat and danceable, capturing the early stages of a complicated crush. Painting a picture of the one we all dream of, she contemplates the essence of self reflection against a greater win— or potential loss.

The track opens with big guitar and drums and brings you into a world that Cate has created. The song feels like a sensual dreamscape that tows the line of tension and chemistry with something that feels almost forbidden. With an electric chorus, Tomlinson transports you to reaching catharsis, perfect for screaming in your car or dancing like nobody's watching. Tomlinson gives voice to the threshold many try to evade— putting the turbulence of a new romance on the frontline.

so cool so mean brings a new side to Cate’s new EP. Blueberry Season focuses on seasons of change and self discovery and this track does just that. Sonically, this is an explosive shift for Tomlinson into a big pop rock sound, and lyrically Cate explores a new part of her identity and part of the journey of figuring it out. She effectively names multiple experiences and feelings that emerge with a new crush, immortalizing the pain and pleasure of this intense slew of emotion.

About so cool so mean:

“I love songs about crushes. My goal was to capture the stomach-flipping chase stage when you’re excited to wake up in the morning. The visuals for the song are kind of dark and edgy but the song itself gives me a daytime car ride vibe.

I go to the movies by myself a lot. Last September I went on a Friday night, and when I came home I had everything I needed to write this song. I had all these little details for lyrics written in my notebook, like the tattoo cross and the neckbreaker line. Overall the song is about a complicated crush, like not knowing if you wanna be the person or wanna get with them. And ultimately realizing it’s the latter.

I think “must be denial cause it’s not jealousy,” is my favorite line. It’s kind of a ‘if you know you know’ thing and captures exactly how it feels to figure out you like a girl. ” - Cate Tomlinson

About Cate:

Cate Tomlinson is a 22-year-old singer, songwriter, and performing artist from Palo Alto, California. Her music draws from pop, soul, and rock. She’s now based in LA and is continuing to develop her unique voice as an artist and songwriter.

Cate is set to release her second EP in the summer of 2023. It is her first body of work with producers Fil Thorpe (Neck Deep, World's First Cinema) and John Sinclair (World’s First Cinema, Macklemore).

Cate spent her last summer writing and performing in the greater Los Angeles area, gracing the stage at Hotel Cafe, Breaking Sound, and indie festival NextFest LA. She has been praised by the likes of Rising Artists, Right Chord Music, Kings of A&R, Glasse Factory, Blurred Culture, and Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist.

Coming August 25, 2023, Blueberry Season is a 5-song EP that dives deeper into the pop-rock landscape. The songs tell a series of stories from her late teens transitioning to her 20s. Vulnerability, heartache, anger, and self-reflection are the central themes that will resonate with listeners.

From gut-wrenching ballads to alt-pop anthems, Cate shows her versatility as an artist and innovation as a songwriter.

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Press release by Hannah Schneider

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