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“carsick” - Maro | Review

Maybe carsick is the more uncontrollable version of butterflies, ‘carsick’ is the cute little love song from new artist Maro.

"carsick" is Maro's debut original single, a song uncovering the repetitive cycle stemming from an on-and-off relationship. Although he speaks 4 languages (Arabic, Russian, English, and French), ‘carsick’ is a vibey universal tune that’s relatable for everyone who has had a young crush. Maro gives off the same sort of lovesick song as artists like Conan Gray. Catchy hooks, fun but simple guitars, and just a contagious groove, ‘carsick’ is a stellar summer love song.

Born in poverty-stricken Beirut, Maro moved several times throughout his upbringing amidst war-torn Lebanon. Emerging from his chaotic surroundings was music, a much-needed constant and creative outlet. "Moving and traveling around during my early teenage years made me feel lonely,” Maro describes. “Once I started to write songs and be creative, it became the perfect outlet for my emotions."

After listening to Maro for the first time, Carl Falk and Albin Nedler (Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Avicii) immediately got involved in the writing and production of his first EP - to come in the fall of 2020. With a 695K+ cult following on YouTube alone (36.2M+ views), Maro has transformed his intimate pop bedroom covers and raw lyrics for the main stage.

Maro's multi-cultural background, with a Lebanese father and Ukrainian mother, has become the centerpiece of his artistry. Maro notes, "My parents' taste in music has really contributed to my sound as an artist in terms of deriving inspiration from Lebanese and Ukrainian culture."

Maro’s fan base extends over all platforms worldwide to 920K fans and 1M+ views on TikTok. We believe that this song has the potential to be a smash hit worldwide and establish a young up-and-comer like Maro.

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Review by Hannah Schneider

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