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“Call It Fate” – Macey Estes | Review

“Call It Fate” is the perfect R&B and Alt-Pop love song. The twangy guitar and even drums through the song make it a chill listen. Honestly, this song is going into my chill driving playlist because it perfectly captures the sunset drive vibe. Estes has some incredible vocals, powerful yet understated and not overpowering, she has a silky smooth sound that is beautiful and pure. The whole song has a golden hour haze to it and a head in the clouds sound.

When asked about the song Estes says, “I wanted to write a song about respecting and loving someone without being overly traditional. Love is a bit complicated for me and I wanted to dig a bit deeper on what I’m actually feeling without saying “I’m in love." Much of the song was sung in one take to keep imperfections. It reminds me to stop overthinking. Love isn’t really about the label and I think this song is my way of being in love and describing that feeling.”

A bit about Macey Estes. Estes is a promissing R&B songwriter and performer. While a young and emerging artist Estes is not young in her love for music.

She grew up taking inspiration from other self-taught musicians in her hometown of Nashville, but being on stage fueled her love for music.

“With her debut single "Crucify Me" out on all platforms December 7th, she is currently working on an EP for release in early 2019. Macey will be performing around Los Angeles and beyond starting with her first show at the Peppermint Club on 1/12. With a string of radio interviews coming up as the year comes to a close, Macey Estes and her team expect big moves as she begins to share her compelling stories, and sultry voice with the world.”

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Review by Hannah Schneider

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