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“Bored” - RAYNE | Review

“Bored” by RAYNE is an electro pop song that is genuinely a hit. Get ready to have this one on repeat.

Rayne’s lively, dancy beat has me dancing around in any way I know how. She may be bored of a repetitive, on-and-off relationship in the song, but this bop is anything but boring. Her melody repeats, but her beautiful vocals make it captivating to listen to each time. Her mesmerizing tone weaves her lyrics together - even a simple “la-da-da-da” between phrases sounds catchy. Rayne explained, “Bored is about an on and off relationship that keeps cycling around and repeating itself. I wanted the lyrics and feel of the song to mimic the feeling of boredom in a fun, offhand kind of way, almost like a nursery rhyme.”

Rayne is a pop recording artist and songwriter from Vancouver, British Columbia. At just 18 years old she is already an experienced verteran who has worked with big names such as producer Milli Beatz, the mastermind behind works from the MIgos, Zendaya, Bryson Tiller and more. As Rayne continues to work on an upcoming EP set to release in 2021 she comments, “I feel like I’ve been able to capture teen angst in a way that’s palatable to other generations.”


Written by Annika Johnson, edited by Hannah Schneider

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