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"Body Sings" - Jessie Lee | Review

Jessie Lee is now a name that is going to stay in my permanent rotation. Her newest release "Body Sings" is a fun electro pop track that is just soaked in good vibes.

"Body Sings" is intoxicating to listen to. It has a groove that toys with a bit of laid back house that just makes you want to move. Lee's voice is just incredible. There is something simply romantic and sweet about her delivery. This is a song for that warm bubbly romantic in each of us.

Jessie’s latest single, “Body Sings,” is a collaboration with producer, Daniel Espina, and an exciting expression of getting lost in the benefits of true love and real connection. The combination of electro/indie bedroom pop vibes, mixed with her angelic vocals, will have you floating and feeling inspired.

Jessie Lee is a Canadian based singer and songwriter who’s all about reflections, revelations and romance. Her light, but expressive, vocals comprised of catchy melodies make for easy listening. Jessie’s love for songwriting began at age five with piano lessons and an obsession for poetry. After dabbling in guitar, drums & vocal lessons, she soon realized music was more than just a hobby; it was a creative outlet that she needed to pursue. To further her career, she attended college and became a vocal major in jazz and contemporary music.

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