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"Blue Memories" - Areo

Areo brings listeners a futuristic pop song for the spring.

"The composition is about the beautiful moments in our lives we don’t forget, which are saved in our minds as "blue memories“. The lyrics symbolize these bright memories by telling a short story the protagonist faces in the song - a mesmerizing place at the sea where he meets a woman he really likes. To complete the positive vibes of the topline, I gave this song a modern future pop touch with an uplifting beat and two unique drops."

Long story short: An uplifting beat matched with male vocals talking about the beautiful side of life.

Musician, Producer, Banker, Economic Science Student, Social Entrepreneur (Economic leader of a Project named 'Plastained'), Advanced Open Water Diver Areo is an artist who says "I can't sing." We beg to differ.

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