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Blake Rose deals with his 'Heavy Shit'

Time to blast this song on full volume, ‘Heavy Shit’ by Blake Rose is here!

“Rose has a way with words as he pours out his innermost thoughts in his cathartic release, "Heavy Shit." A real testament to ones' personal battles and the defeat that comes with holding on to the 'shit' we're constantly inundated with.” A vocal powerhouse, Rose lays silky vocals over indie-pop style production. Written and produced entirely by Rose, this song really taps into the all to real feeling of holding things in until they just drag us down. Whether you’ve been procrastinating and it is eating you alive, have bottled up your feelings about transitions in your life, or just haven’t quite admitted how you truly feel to yourself; ‘Heavy Shit’ reminds you that it’s normal and at least Blake has been there alongside you. But really, this is totally a song to blast at full volume and rock your woes away too to release the pressure you feel from holding on.

‘Heavy Shit’ follows the success of Rose’s song ‘Lady’ which was placed in 25 New Music Friday charts and love from Apple with a spot on their "Best of The Week" Playlist. Rose has always been one of my favorite artists since I first heard his music when Unheard Gems Airports and Sammi Constantine. ( This young artist is incredibly talented and continues to produce song after song that blows listeners away.

Check out our interview with Blake here

“Hailing from Perth, Australia, Blake Rose has had a keen musical curiosity for as long as he can remember. One of the first instruments Rose ever picked up was the didgeridoo, a wind instrument created by indigenous Australians. However, the didgeridoo has its limitations and by the age of 12, Rose had started to teach himself to play guitar. However, it wasn’t until a 3-month long camping trip around Australia with his family that really developed Rose into the songwriter he is today. As they drove from campsite to campsite, teenage Rose started to write his own songs in the back of his family car. On the return home, Rose started to experiment with GarageBand and Pro Tools, falling in love with the idea of creating a song from start to finish.After the trip, Rose was accepted into a school program called World Challenge which would take him to Sri Lanka for 2 weeks. The only issue was the expensive price tag attached. Still only a teenager, Rose was limited in job options and decided to give busking a shot. Taking to the streets of Perth, Rose quickly raised the money necessary and, perhaps more importantly, he discovered his love for live performance.

Rose’s music is electrifying. He is a rare voice hellbent on defining his own sound and his own path. Blake Rose may only be three releases deep, but he is a name you’re going to want to keep an eye on.”

Review by Hannah Schneider

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