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"Begging" - Eloise Viola |Review

Get ready for vocals that will absolutely blow your mind. Eloise Viola is a total powerhouse.

"Begging" is a track that is filled with lust and just drenched in assertiveness and power. This is an artist who knows her worth and takes a stand for herself. The track has a touch of the funk influence of her last EP but is a real shift into the pop world. her vocals border on RnB due to their grit and strength. New Single “Begging” is an emotive Modern Power Ballad showcasing the very best of this young songstress’ writing and vocal talents.

This single leaves you wishing it kept going.

“Begging” is a song that addresses the "what if" situation about women in positions of power, a comment on how women are treated particularly as referenced in male-led, "Bond"-esque films. The lyric "All nice guys go to heaven" underpins the meaning of the song, that men seem to get away with bad behaviour but outspoken women are called out and criticised.” - Eloise Viola

Eloise Viola has grown her fanbase worldwide, performing on a UK wide tour accompanied by a full regional radio tour, resulting in a huge increase in airplay support and streams now approaching 10 million since her debut release in 2019.

Her releases have been supported by Billboard, Wonderland, Clash Magazine, Popdust, Euphoria Magazine and plenty more key industry tastemakers. On the airwaves, BBC Introducing, Fubar Radio and BBC London have been key supporters of the journey so far, leading to her first sold out show in London, as well as completing her first live dates in the U.S. Her inquisitive and passionate nature soon led to a deep interest in psychology. Her passion for the field led to an understanding of how airbrushing, filtering and the rise of instagram influencer culture was having an effect on her mental health, particularly in respect of her body image and self-esteem. Her music continues to empower and inspire her fans and many more.

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