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"Baby Baby" - Rascal Miles Review

There's a moment when someone transitions from an acquaintance or a friend to a crush. Whatever the catalyst for this change, time and space seem to shift. It’s arguably the closest thing we can come to time travel. Everytime you’re with them, time seems to freeze and speed up all at once. Every look, every touch, there’s a jolt of electricity that runs through your body. And in the midst of all these scientific anomalies, there’s something pure, simple, and genuine about the budding attraction.

That is ‘Baby Baby’ by Rascal Miles.

A trans/non-binary indie musician out of Portland, Rascal Miles perfectly embodies the formative moments of romance. By layering a melodic, sweet voice that breaks into a cheerful harmony with a variety of instruments, Rascal Miles finds a way to put words to young love.

“I could pick your voice out in a crowd of any size.”

“Feel your electric crush.”

“Cutie pie, I like what you’re made of.”

These are just some of the lyrics that scream of innocent and sincere love. According to Rascal Miles, these lyrics - self-recorded, by the way - were “a product of explosive emotion refusing to be limited by COVID or homophobia.” And that’s the truth behind love: it transcends everything. It’s bigger than any of us, no matter our sexuality, gender, race, or background.

That’s the beauty of Rascal Miles. This one-man-band is ready to “steal your heart, change your mind, and help you dream of the world you didn’t know to dream of.” No matter who you are, you’ll find yourself feeling your heart flutter and float as you enjoy ‘Baby Baby.’ It will remind you of your first love, your last love, and the love you hope to have.

"Review by Kasey Van Dyke

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