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“Alameda” - Todd Binder | Review

Do you ever listen to a song and start to picture what type of movie the song would be in? It’s one of my favorite parts of listening to something new and Todd Binder’s song “Alameda” reminds of a David Lynch film that actually has a happy ending.

A beautifully crafted song with striking vocals, Binder brings listeners into his thoughts and feelings on the world around him. An ode to the town he onced lived in “Alameda” is nostalgic and bittersweet. It may feel a bit heavy on first listen, but on the second pass you realize it’s a track that ends in comfort.

Todd is a California based indie-rock artist who began his career in Charlottesville, VA college towns. He’d perform his original music on the local bar scenes for the University of Virginia and surrounding cities, while quickly gaining him a reputation for bringing high energy to any event. Be sure to stream “Alameda” on all platforms and give Todd a follow!

Written by: Gabrielle France

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