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“Ah Lyke It” – j.aaron | Review

Your life is shaped by your perspective, outlook, and attitude. Looking on the bright side can sound easier said than done, but it's more about finding and leaning into what gets you through the day then it is about discounting your difficulties. Singer/songwriter j.aaron tells audiences how he does it with his debut single titled “Ah Lyke It.” He introduces himself with an alt-R&B smash that shows off his charismatic positivity, his undeniable relatability, and his golden pipes.

A thick bass groove and a funky instrumental are the platform for j.aaron’s honest revelation about his own mental wellbeing. He embraces the anxiety and refuses to let the world drag him through the dirt. Aside from the track’s encouraging lyrical concept, its biggest standout is the dynamic vocal performance. His voice in and of itself is jaw-dropping, but it’s the way he dances between vulnerability and confidence from part to part that really takes it to the next level. He knows when to get powerful and when to be emotive. It makes you believe what he’s saying. It paints a perfect picture of the singer in your mind.

j.aaron’s story is a lesson on how to turn any negative into a positive. This New Jersey-born artist channeled his energy into music when life’s circumstances got grim. He turned problems into prospects and set himself on a course towards greatness. Ever since he got serious about his craft, he’s made national television appearances, played venues like Radio City Music Hall, and backed artists like 50 Cent and Kenny Rogers. Influenced by some of the greatest of all time, j.aaron’s new single begins to carve an identity for the rising artist and even holds a candle to the work of his predecessors.

“Ah Lyke It” is an example of how to deliver concise songwriting that sets the stage for a singer to have fun and demonstrate their abilities. The track makes it easier to reconcile day-to-day adversity and reminds listeners about what’s really important. It’s an opportunity for audiences to come together with their woes and cast them away through melody.

Written by Matt Kalicky

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