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Abby Sage - Spotify’s Freshest Find | Show Review + Photo Gallery

Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist is home to so many incredible artists making strides at the start of their careers and to celebrate these amazing emerging talents, Spotify presented a first-of-its-kind showcase in Los Angeles.

Abby Sage is a LA/London-based gem with incredible talent as a vocalist and songwriter. Her latest EP The Florist is a dynamic meandering through the uncertainty of early adulthood. The songs are complex and the instrumentation twists and turns to create different backdrops to Sage’s ethereal vocal performance.

Her performance is enchanting, I struggled to focus on my camera as I watched her twist and turn slowly on stage, catching the light on her high cheekbones but creating such contrast with her black and grey outfit. It was mesmerizing. As the lights shifted it was truly magical, everyone was in awe. The way she delivered every word with such precision and intention was incredible to listen to. Every movement, note, and bat of an eyelash seemed effortless yet intentional in setting up a tiny universe that we were in together at that moment.

Normally we like to try and find these gems before Spotify can brag about them but in this case, we say “cheers Spotify, amazing pick”.

Show review by Hannah Schneider

Photo credits: Hannah Schneider

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Jul 11, 2023

It was a unique experience that highlighted the promising future of Abby Sage and other up-and-coming artists on Spotify's Fresh Finds playlist. And to increase the popularity of their songs, you need to use spotify music promotion:

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