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Raindear- "Love is a Boarder" | Review

So I sat down, played this track and floated away. That's pretty much how this went.

“Love is a Border '' by Raindear, is an electro influenced track that belongs at a festival played to elated fans or at least before an epic drop at EDC.

The lyrics are inspiring, “Up the hill… I'm climbing it most of my days… I can't reach the end… I fight for it in every way”.

The music is entrancing. Simply put. With a catchy arrangement and grooves that'll make you move.

The sounds are light and airy, and her voice is soothing.

Raindear is a sensation in the electronic scene and has seen publications in many credible outlets such as Billboard and the FADER, just to name a few.

I'll be adding this to my EDM playlist and seeing yall next time.


Written by SpeakEasy

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