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'Your Ghost'(EP) - Angela Sclafani | Track by Track

We at Unheard Gems worked with singer-songwriter, theater composer, and actor, Angela Sclafani to get the track by track stories of her sophomore EP, ‘Your Ghost’.

The four songs were written as a coping mechanism after her first big breakup and are personal, intimate, and raw. Angela’s unique sound brings something fresh to her music that we haven’t really seen elsewhere in the music industry.

Stories behind ‘Your Ghost’: (stream along on any of the following platforms; SPOTIFY, SOUNDCLOUD, ITUNES, AMAZON

Track 1: Are You Sorry

When we were recording this song I had "Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac on my mind. You can actually hear a faint Stevie Nicks vocal impression in the chorus harmonies! This song is about wanting answers after a relationship ends. People cope in such different ways which always frustrates me. I'm absolutely unable to bury my feelings and I begin to create stories in my mind where the other person isn't sad or upset. I obsess over what they could be thinking and feeling. There really isn't a scenario or answer that will ever satisfy me but I'll always be wondering.

Track 2: November Hymn

This song is about the darkest period of a breakup when reality sets in and you begin to mourn the loss of a person who isn't dead (and is often just a few miles away) before you're ready to move on. For me, this all took place in November when the days were becoming shorter and colder.

From the start, this felt like a powerful, lady rock song. Vocally I wanted it to sound raw and emotional to match the intensity of the lyrics. I pushed myself to improvise and take risks in the studio and we ended up layering some really crazy vocal lines on top of the melody. The guitar solo was so exciting to add in and I definitely felt some Pat Benatar "Promises in the Dark" inspiration vibes.

Track: 3 The Train

This song really was inspired by a walk to the subway with a specific person! My arranger Dan really amped up the drama of the song by creating an entirely different mood for each chorus, which totally opened it up in a new way. I think my best friend is the only one who knows the real story behind the lyrics...

Track 4: Your Ghost

The thing about Manhattan is that every place you ever went with an ex suddenly has their shadow looming over it. Street corners, restaurants, coffee shops, park benches. Even if those spots were yours before you met, they no longer belong to you and hold an entirely different weight in your memory. After this particular relationship ended I started seeing my ex everywhere and in everyone. I looked for him at his subway stop every time- even though the odds of catching a glimpse of him were very slim. The neighborhoods I once frequented and enjoyed became haunted by the experiences I had with this person. This is difficult because I can't avoid entire neighborhoods forever...or can I?

EP Credits:

Music & Lyrics- Angela Sclafani

Orchestrations & Arrangements- Dan Garmon

Production, Engineering, Mixing, Mastering- Matt Stillo

Vocals- Angela Sclafani

Piano- Dan Garmon

Guitar- Mikel McCavana, Gabe Merizalde

Bass- Lloyd Kikoler

Drums- Dan Garmon

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Coverage by Hannah Schneider

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