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Unheard Gems Podcast w/ guest Cate Tomlinson

New Indie Pop-Rock rising star Cate Tomlinson joined Unheard Gems' Annika, Hannah, and Tatum on the Unheard Gems podcast. We chatted about her debut EP 'Missing' which dropped August 7th and we took an inside look at her experience as an independent artist.

About Cate: Cate Tomlinson is a 19-year-old singer, songwriter, and performing artist from San Francisco. Her music is inspired by pop, soul, and rock and roll. The young self-made artist now based out of Boston is working to develop her unique voice as an artist at Northeastern University as a Music Industry major. Continuing to explore her craft and passion, this young vocalist is bound to make waves this year.

Find Cate Tomlinson:

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