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Blake Rose goes 1-on-1 with Unheard Gems | Interview

Meet Blake Rose, an artist hailing from Perth, Australia, who brings a depth to his music that is wise beyond his years. Marked by profound and picturesque lyricism, his songs are vibrant, powerful, and deeply authentic. We chatted with Blake about his newest EP A World Gone By and his experience wrapping up a major North American tour with fellow singer Noah Kahan.

What a rising star! We caught up with Rose before his set at the sold out Fonda Theater in Los Angeles. A charismatic energy and amazing artist that is bound to make you fall in love.

Check out the interview on YouTube or stream it on Spotify.

Hailing from Perth, Australia, Blake Rose has had a keen musical curiosity for as long as he can remember. One of the first instruments Rose ever picked up was the didgeridoo, a wind instrument created by indigenous Australians. However, the didgeridoo has its limitations and by the age of 12, Rose had started to teach himself to play guitar. However, it wasn’t until a 3-month long camping trip around Australia with his family that really developed Rose into the songwriter he is today. As they drove from campsite to campsite, teenage Rose started to write his own songs in the back of his family car. On the return home, Rose started to experiment with GarageBand and Pro Tools, falling in love with the idea of creating a song from start to finish.

After the trip, Rose was accepted into a school program called World Challenge which would take him to Sri Lanka for 2 weeks. The only issue was the expensive price tag attached. Still only a teenager, Rose was limited in job options and decided to give busking a shot. Taking to the streets of Perth, Rose quickly raised the money necessary and, perhaps more importantly, he discovered his love for live performance.

Rose’s music is electrifying. He is a rare voice hellbent on defining his own sound and his own path.

Interview by Hannah Schneider

Photography by Zoe Schmitt

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