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Unheard Gems goes 1-on-1 with &around

Updated: Aug 3, 2018

Unheard Gems got the opportunity to talk with a new up-and-coming artist from South London who is a pop singer, producer, and DJ. Sam Simon, who goes by the artist name &around, just released a brand new track called ‘Without Your Love’. We got to hear from him about the song itself and his creative process when it comes to writing and more! Keep reading to see the interview with &around.

UG: How would you describe your style of music it seems to cross over some traditional genre lines. How do you see that style evolving?

&A: I guess it fits somewhere between tropical dance music and pop music. Im currently messing around with my voice by chopping it up and pitch shifting into new words/melodies which is sounding awesome so definitely some of that to come.

UG: You recently released your song ‘Without Your Love’, what inspired you to write this song and what is it about for you?

&A: I was in Bali/New Zealand for a few months last year and it was (musically) influenced by both places and the freedom of being away surrounded by nature and jungles, big skys etc. lyrically it's about being in love and the realisation that without that love, life would suck.

UG: Can you tell us a bit about your creative process? How do your songs start out then become the product we get to hear from you?

&A: I sketch song ideas on my laptop with a travel midi keyboard and sing into the laptop mic to get melodies down. I often use my phone for recording textures like birds or rainforests or town squares, the ambient stuff. This all stems from doing what I could with the equipment I had with me on the road. These sounds/scruffy playing methods really give my songs their life. You can put them through some effects/pitch them and make a church bell from Lisbon become a crash cymbol.

UG: Have there been any experiences in your life that you think really impact or shape your music? Anything that is a constant source of inspiration?

&A: I camped around New Zealand for a couple of months and I mean wow some of the places/things I saw. The night sky and the landscapes - it's just such a beautiful place. That experience definitely shaped me. I think the sun makes life better and when the sun's out I feel like making music.

UG: Anything else in the works we can expect in the future? Will it stay in a similar style or will you try out some new things and switch it up?

&A: I have 2 tracks which will be out in the summer that include a different vocal sound and style for me. It's really exciting and quite experimental so looking forward to dropping those!

UG: One of our favorite questions, if you could recommend one growing or “Unheard” musician that you think we should listen to who would it be?

&A: I listened to Superorganism's album yesterday and it's wicked

UG: UG: Thank you so much for taking your time to share your story with us, last quick question, where can and should our readers and followers find your music and updates on you?

&A: @andaroundmusic on instagram and facebook baby x

Written and Edited by: Hannah Schneider

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